24 June 2012

See Stephen Dando-Collins Speaking in Brisbane

See Stephen at the Unlock the Past Expo at Centennial State High School, Jindalee, Brisbane, where he’ll be talking about the research and writing process for books ranging from his latest Australian bestseller, ‘Crack Hardy’, to his upcoming new release, ‘Mistaken Identity: The Trials of Joe Windred’.

Monday, June 25, 7.20 pm.

Wednesday, June 27, 9.30 am.

Tickets at the door.

2 June 2012


TAKING HAWAII: How Thirteen Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893, With a Bluff, has now been released by E-Reads of New York, as an e-book and print-on demand paperback.

Stephen spent many years researching this revealing book, discovering that the military coup that toppled Queen Liliuokalani, and resulted in Hawaii becoming a US territory and ultimately a US state, was led in its final stages by an Australian born in the same place as Stephen. Even one of the key architects of the coup was to marvel that it actually succeeded.

Jude for yourself whether the queen was wrong, or wronged. To obtain the book telling the full, true, dramatic tale, told from all sides, visit ereads.com, or Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and other leading online book retailers.

19 April 2012


TAKING HAWAII, the full story of the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii and her government in 1893 in a coup by 13 Honolulu businessmen led by an Australian, will be released by E-Reads of New York next month.

This book, which took Stephen seven years to research and write, includes much previously unpublished material, from archives, private letters and  journals, and eyewitness accounts, and tells the gripping, often minute-by-minute story of the coup and the attempted  counter-coup by native Hawaiians two years later, told from the perspectives of both sides.

Much has been written in Hawaii about the queen and her overthrow, but never before has such a dramatic, comprehensive, eye-opening account been published.

Watch this site in May for full availability details.



In July and August this year Stephen will be guest speaker aboard the MV Rembrandt as it makes several cruises on the River  Rhone  in Provence. As the Rembrandt visits sites with strong visual links their Roman past, such as Arles, Orange, Avignon, and the Pont du Gard, Stephen will be talking about the Romans in Gaul, with an emphasis on their connection with Rome”s legions.

To join Stephen on one of these fabulous cruises in Provence this summer, go to the Noble Caledonia website, www.noble-caledonia.co.uk


Next February, Stephen will be a lead speaker aboard Royal Caribbean International’s 138,000-ton cruise ship Voyager of the Seas for Unlock the Past’s 9-night Genealogy Cruise of the Pacific, ex Sydney. Stephen will be giving a number of presentations, including research case studies on his Australian-based books, and hosting panel discussions with fellow historical authors about how they turned their historical and genealogical research into successful books. For full details of this unique cruise and the fabulous line-up of international speakers, and to book, visit www.unlockthepast.com.au

Meanwhile, catch Stephen at Unlock the Past’s Queensland Expo in Brisbane, June 25-27. See the Unlock the Past website for details.

11 January 2012


Stephen wants to wish all his readers around the world a Happy New Year for 2012! And to pass on exciting news for the coming year.

Firstly, in July, Thomas Dunne Books, a division of St Martins Press, will be releasing Legions of Rome in the US and Canada. North American media and interview requests relating to this title can directed to Rachel Howard at St Martins: Rachel.Howard@stmartins.com.

In the Northern Autumn, Esfera Editora will publish the all-conquering Legions of Rome in Spain. Esfera Editora become Stephen’s fourth publisher in Spain, where he has a large following for his books about ancient Rome, especially his historical Roman novel El Informe De Judea.

Meanwhile, one SDC reader reports snapping up a copy of Legions of Rome from the bookshelf in the gift store at the Herculaneum archaeological site in Italy.


Stephen is delighted to announce that he will be guest speaker aboard the MV Rembrandt during three of its cruises on the River Rhone in the South of France during July and August, 2012, talking about the Romans in Gaul, with reference to the connection of particular legions to the area. For more information, visit the Noble Caledonia website.

Stephen is also looking forward to attending the July 14-15 event of the Historical Writers Association of the UK (of which he is a member) at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire, where numerous historical authors will be talking as part of the annual English Heritage festival.


In 1893, the queen of the sovereign nation of Hawaii was overthrown in a military coup led by 13 Honolulu businessmen. If if had not been for one of those businessmen in particular, that unjust coup would have failed, and Hawaii may never have become part of the USA. That businessman was an Australian. In fact, like Stephen, he was born in Tasmania. After a number of years of research, Stephen’s detailed telling of the story of the coup, Taking Hawaii, will soon be released in the US. Stay tuned for release details.


In a particularly productive year for Stephen, Random House will release two new SDC titles in Australia and New Zealand this July and August. The first will be a children’s novel about a dog in a war, a gripping tale based on actual events.

In August, Stephen’s latest book about Australian history will be published, telling the amazing true story of an Australian lured to four different gold rushes and almost fatally caught up in two of the most incredible legal cases involving mistaken identity in the history of both New South Wales and California.

Watch for more details of both books in the coming months.

Bookseller and Publisher reports that CRACK HARDY was the most commented on new book in the Australian press during the Easter weekend.

Meanwhile, CRACK HARDY has hit the charts at number 10 on Random House Australia’s bestseller list, and number 3 on its list of bestsellers by Australian authors.

Glowing reviews continue to roll in for CRACK HARDY. Professor Ross Fitzgerald, writing in Spectrum in the Sydney Morning Herald, describes it as ‘a fine and important book,’ and ‘deeply moving.’

In the Weekly Times, Andrew Mole characterizes CRACK HARDY as ‘the most remarkable, most human, and most fragile record of the birth of the Anzac.’

Such reviews mirror the view of Professor Bill Gammage of ANU, who, at the Australian national launch in Canberra on April 14, said of CRACK HARDY: ‘It is an epic. To be memorable, an epic needs powerful writing, and here it is.’

For more detailed excerpts from the latest reviews go to the ‘Crack Hardy’ page in the ‘Books’ section of this website.

Meanwhile, Stephen’s blogs are now appearing on the Random House Australia website.

And, large print and braille editions of CRACK HARDY are now available from Read How You Want online.


The web manager reports that visits to this site have shown a massive increase this month, as Crack Hardy is released in Australia and New Zealand and Legions of Rome continues its sales march at record levels in the UK, Australia and other Commonwealth countries.

One of the reasons for the huge interest in Crack Hardy has been the fact that Stephen is in demand for interviews across Australia with media personalities including Richard Fidler, Fran Kelly, Howard Sattler and Eoin Cameron.

Catch a report about Crack Hardy and the Searle brothers on ABC-TV’s ’7.30′ program across Australia on the evening of Anzac Day, April 25.

And, commencing late April, Stephen is guest blogger for 5 days on the Random House Australia website. Check out his daily blogs; what he has to say will be thought-provoking and eye-opening.


The Spanish language rights to Stephen’s Great Fire of Rome, published late last year in the US and UK by Da Capo Press, have been acquired by the Planeta Group’s Editorial Ariel for publication in Spain and Latin America next year.

‘CRACK HARDY: From Gallipoli to Flanders to the Somme, the true story of three Australian brothers at war’, Stephen’s already acclaimed World War One memoir was released in Australia and New Zealand on April 1. Independent bookstores are already reporting they’ve sold out and have hurriedly reordered.

April 13 – Hear Stephen talking about Crack Hardy on Richard Fidler’s ‘Conversations’ program on ABC Local Radio across Australia.

April 14 – At 6.00 pm, the national launch of Crack Hardy in Canberra by Professor Bill Gammage of the Australian National University. To attend, call Meredith at Daltons Books, Canberra. You can also hear Stephen talking with Mark Parton on 2CC Canberra that morning.

April 15 -12.30 pm,  Stephen will be talking about Crack Hardy at Berlelouw Books Dee Why, in Sydney. All welcome.

April 20 – 6.00 pm, the Tasmanian launch of Crack Hardy, by Richard Mulvaney, Director of the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, at the Westbury RSL, in Westbury. All welcome.

12 January 2011



NewStatesman magazine in the UK recently made ‘Legions of Rome’ their Book of the Week, with Culture Editor Jonathan Derbyshire conducting a thoughtful interview with Stephen based around the groundbreaking work. That interview appeared in the January 6 issue of NewStatesman, and can be accessed online at www.newstatesman.com/books/2011/01/roman-legions-interview.

For Irish readers, Stephen will be talking about ‘Legions of Rome’ live on air on Dublin City Radio’s ‘Bookbound’ program at 8.00 pm on Monday January 17.

‘Legions’ is also selling fast in Australia. A Queensland bookstore reported that they sold a number of copies just prior to Christmas. One buyer was a lady who bought the book for her father. After Christmas, the father in question came into the same store and bought five of Stephen’s other titles – seems he liked ‘Legions’, a lot!


With the Australian and New Zealand publication of Stephen’s next work ‘Crack Hardy’, a factually-based account of three Australian brothers during World War One, less than three months away, media interest in the book  grows rapidly, with online retailer Booktopia first cab off the rank, securing an interview with Stephen which they will run online when they feature ‘Crack Hardy’ in April.

That interest in ‘Crack Hardy’ has been sparked, in part, by endorsement of the book by leading figures including former Governor General of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery, who describes the book as ‘a beautifully scripted expose of one family’s experience of war.’

The national launch of ‘Crack Hardy’ is set down for April 14, in the national capital, Canberra.

December 2010

14 December 2010


Legions of Rome hit bookstores in the UK on December 9, to enormous media and reader interest. NewStatesman has made it their Book of the Week for a December issue. Watch for articles about the book and interviews with Stephen in numerous UK national magazines and regional daily and Sunday newspapers. Next month, Irish readers will be able to hear Stephen talk about Legions of Rome on Radio Dublin’s ‘Bookbound’ programme.